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Silverthorne Attorneys is a personal injury law firm in Orange County whose top priority and singular focus is the people we represent. We work diligently to make sure that our clients are well taken care of and that their needs are not only met, but come first. Injured now? Do not hesitate to reach out to Silverthorne Attorneys for a free consultation.

Silverthorne Attorneys | Apple Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

Contact Silverthorne Attorneys for a personal injury lawyer from our firm as soon as possible after your accident or personal injury, especially if you are 100% faultless. The sooner that we are contacted helps you immensely as that will strongly improve the magnitude of your case. The timing also helps our efficiency in handling your unfortunate situation. You do not need to spend a dime for any initial consultation. Our legal team is capable of offering free case evaluations and we work only on contingency fees. You do not face immediate legal fees or bills, and there is not a retainer. Let us handle the case while you recover-we get our payment if, and when, we achieve your proper compensation. Quick and speedy action on your part can also allow Silverthorne Attorneys to, without any delay, analyze your situation, carefully look into all factors involved in your claim, and proceed with professional and caring demeanor towards a successful resolution for you. Please do not try to handle this on your own-you need a personal injury lawyer.

We Can Come to You!

If your accident and personal injury is keeping you at home, unable to work, or hospitalized in Victor Valley away from our offices, we can come to you. Silverthorne Attorneys can provide visits to you to discuss your claim. This will still be costing you nothing. After a free consultation, if needed, we have an Apple Valley personal injury attorney available to set up an appointment with you to further discuss your case. Please do not hesitate. An injury attorney is dedicated to helping the victim recover from an accident.

Case Types we Handle

You need an attorney serving Apple Valley; especially if you are suffering from serious injuries. Silverthorne Attorneys can be prepared to take on almost thirty types of personal injuries. Auto accidents are one of the primary sources for a personal injury. There are many troublesome areas in Apple Valley that seem to recur in accident reports: US HWY 18, Apple Valley Road, Bear Valley Road, Navajo Road, and Corwin Road. These are just some of the areas that law official reports have denoted a high measure of accidents. If you have had an accident on, or near one of these roads, you are not alone. Call a bodily injury lawyer today, and Silverthorne Attorneys should be your first choice. Again, there are no costs to you, and we have the plaintiff attorney that is expertly trained to consult and help you.

Other areas with high volume of traffic, such as Quad Cities Shopping Center 0r Kiowa Shopping Center are not only a sample of places with traffic related injuries, but many other types including “slip-and-fall” or equipment malfunction related injuries. If this sounds like it may include your accident and related injury, you need an Apple Valley injury attorney.

The James Woody Community Center Park is another location in Apple Valley that may have seen its share of accidents. Dog bites, sports related accidents, or even a pedestrian miscue are not uncommon in recreational areas and accidents happen. If you, a loved one, or a friend has an injury from an accident in this type of setting, a bodily injury attorney is needed and a call should be made to Silverthorne Attorneys.

”A Better Way of Life”

Apple Valley, the “Apple of the Desert,” has a slogan that states this community is “A Better Way of Life.” Silverthorne Attorneys supports that claim. However, an unfortunate accident resulting in pain, discomfort, financial loss, and years of recovery on the part of an accident victim’s life after an incident does not allow that motto to actually ring true. In a personal injury accident where you are the victim, that really is not a “better way of life.” The legal system has a design to help you. We can help the plaintiff, which is yourself, regarding the specific injury and personal suffering. Your legal case is our concern. You become in need of a plaintiff lawyer. Call Silverthorne Attorneys today to explore that option.

Please, do not wait this one out. Do not be embarrassed-the accident and injuries you experienced are not your fault. You fully deserve professional representation and justified compensation. Regardless of the nature of the accident or the personal injuries sustained by you or someone close to you, the proper thing is to seek out experienced legal aid that will compassionately work for you to help produce the best result possible. Attempting to seek out payment for medical bills or to recover lost funds from property loss and wages on your own is extremely inadvisable. As difficult as it may seem at times, get the initial help needed and contact Silverthorne Attorneys here in Apple Valley.

One Final Note

When Silverthorne Attorneys represents plaintiffs in personal injury cases our fees are based on contingency fees. Please keep in mind, we do not collect anything unless we triumph in your case, whether through negotiation or a trial. There are no out of pocket expenses for you- Silverthorne Attorneys only receives a percentage of the settlement once we have diligently represented you. If you agree and allow us to take on your case, we will arrange for a conditional fee agreement. After a successful conclusion, we will deduct the legal fees and our percentage, plus we will handle medical bill payments and any other costs incurred during the experience. From that point, you have your compensation from an awful experience. The financial aspect is important. However, you and your recovery are of utmost importance. Our injury lawyers are well versed on the law and how insurance adjusters work. We will not back down to their bullying antics. Contact us today for a free consultations!