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A Cypress Injury Attorney Should Not Charge Up-Front Fees

After experiencing a traumatic injury, the last thing you should have to worry about is how to pay your bills. By working on a contingency fee basis, Silverthorne Attorneys will take your case without requiring any down payment. When you’ve been hurt by another person’s wrongful actions, you deserve to have your medical care and other losses compensated, but it can take a strong Cypress personal injury lawyer to make sure that you get all the money that you deserve.

Additionally, we never require payment unless we recover a financial award for you. That means that you will not have to pay a cent to us if we are unable to win your case for you. This allows you to pursue justice without worrying about legal fees, so there is no risk to you at all.

To learn more about how a dedicated, persistent bodily injury attorney can advance your case and greatly increase your potential compensation, please call us today for a free consultation.

Always Report Incidents That Result in Injury

Whenever you or your loved ones have been injured due to the actions of someone else, it is very important that you immediately contact the proper authorities. This allows an official report to be made through the police department. You should make sure that you write down the report number and contact information of the department where copies of the report can be obtained.

An official police report that confirms the circumstances of your accident is a great help to any personal injury lawyer pursuing a case involving negligent actions. While it certainly is not the only document needed for your case, it is a very useful one because it shows that an official authority saw the scene and confirmed your story.

Important Documents Your Advocate Needs

If you are unable to collect the important documents needed for your case due to your injuries, we are happy to assist you with this process. We often help our clients gather important pieces of evidence to support their case, and there are certain pieces of evidence that tend to be the most useful. Here are some of the items that can advance your case:

  • Police Report – gives a professional analysis of the scene.
  • Medical Notes – documents the details of your injuries.
  • Lab Work – documents condition through relevant scans and other tests.
  • Photographs – provides scene and injury details, if available.
  • HR Work Attendance Record – shows work missed due to injury.
  • Pay Stubs – shows amount of lost income.
  • Medical Bills – documents costs of medical care to address injuries.
  • Witness Contact Information – allows for third-party statements to be collected.

A skilled Cypress personal injury attorney will be able to utilize all of these documents while pursuing just compensation for your suffering. The more evidence that supports your case, the better your odds of receiving a sufficient payout that allows you to be financially secure during the time you need to recover.

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters is Stressful

Whenever a victim tries to deal with the at-fault party’s insurance directly, it quickly becomes a game of cat and mouse. The insurance company representatives want to do their best to reduce their payouts, and they have many tricks at their disposal to cheat you out of the full amount you need to not have a financial burden during your recovery.

Since they record conversations, they will be looking for any excuse to deny your claim or minimize their responsibility. Expressions of regret over a serious accident can easily be twisted to make it seem like you bear some of the guilt, and the severity of your injuries may be questioned if you forget certain details or misspeak. The safest course of action is to allow a trained Cypress personal injury attorney to handle all contact with them so that they will not be able to use anything you say against you.

Our staff is well versed in handling insurance adjusters, and you can rest easy with us handling the details of your case. We want you to focus on getting your health back, so we will handle the legal hoops and tough negotiations for you. This allows you to focus on you and your family instead of back-and-forth hassles with the insurance company.

A Quick Youth Safety Alert

There are few cases more emotionally taxing for any compassionate injury lawyer to pursue than the type involving the death or injury of a child. We want to remind you to keep your children, and the children of others, safe.

Always prevent avoidable tragedies by using modern safety gear and household safety tips. Seat belts, life vests, helmets, and other such items should always be worn during relevant activities. Also, make sure that your home is safe by ensuring that young people don’t have access to dangerous cleaning products or other chemicals, nicotine products, plastic bags or other choking hazards, nutritional supplements or medications, drowning risks (such as laundry buckets), and other dangerous exposures.

Finally, when you are operating a motor vehicle, make sure to watch out for distracted children who may enter the roadway at crosswalks or other locations. In Cypress, it is best to be particularly cautious when driving in neighborhoods near schools like Clara J. King Elementary School and AE Arnold Elementary School. You should also be cautious near areas like Oak Knoll Park and other recreational areas, parking lots where cars make visibility of short children difficult, and local attractions known for attracting crowds of youths.

When You Really Need a Plaintiff Attorney in Cypress, California

We are here to pursue every case that helps a victim of negligence seek justice. No matter how difficult and complex your case may be, our devoted staff will give their all to ensure a successful outcome for you. Depending on your unique needs, your accident attorney can advance your case via firm negotiations, official mediation, or even an official trial.

Our firm will do whatever it takes to get the best possible result for you. If you want a high level of advocacy on your behalf from a bodily injury lawyer, please contact us immediately to get started.

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