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Silverthorne Attorneys is a personal injury law firm in Orange County whose top priority and singular focus is the people we represent. We work diligently to make sure that our clients are well taken care of and that their needs are not only met, but come first. Injured now? Do not hesitate to reach out to Silverthorne Attorneys for a free consultation.

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Are you in need of injury lawyer in Desert Hot Springs? Are you suffering from injuries due to an accident that wasn’t your fault? Now, you are stranded at home or a health care facility, wondering which direction is the next one for you. Meanwhile, you may not have your regular income to rely on at this time because of your injuries, yet the bills are stacking higher and higher. If these situational factors are beginning to sound very familiar, it is time to consider legal counsel to address the events while aiming towards some resolution. You are in need of a personal injury attorney.

Injury accidents can happen very quickly, changing your life even faster. Even if it was a friend, family member, or loved one that experienced the injurious accident, an innocent victim should never have to shoulder the brunt of all of the financial factors and problems. As it is, the victim of a faultless accident already has to deal with bodily injuries, the emotional stress, and the countless, unexpected experiences one never thinks of prior to the real accident. Having a bodily injury lawyer will make all of the difference in the universe to you by having the legal guidance you need. Take a little time to consider the valuable asset of counsel from Silverthorne Attorneys, and then contact us for a free evaluation. Your potential case here in Coachella Valley could be a remarkable process back to normalcy. Getting your recovery started can begin as soon as you speak with us.

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If you need a local accident attorney who strictly works in injury law, contact us today.  The team of accident lawyers, paralegals, and staff at Silverthorne Attorneys are here to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

When we are hired, and we accept you as a new client, the payment process for our services will be explained. Rest assured; at this point, you still do not have to pay any upfront fees, such as a retainer. When the case is won, we only get paid at the end of your settlement, which will happen either through negotiations or a court trial. This is referred to as a contingency fee basis of reimbursement to us. Your bills get paid, we get paid, and you get a settlement for all of your damages.

If you are able to do so, contact us today. We only stress the time element because where your personal injury lawyer strives for quick and steadfast case resolution, insurance companies, or defense attorneys, will usually do the opposite. Our expertise in personal injury litigation has revealed to us the many tactics insurance companies will use, dragging their feet and stalling, hoping to wear the victim down with their planned inefficiency. The insurance companies do not like handing out large sums of money even though they handle hundreds of settlement cases every year. They know the loopholes that can allow them to avoid writing you a check for your innocent damages. Please do not attempt to deal with the companies alone. You need the compassionate, legal team of Silverthorne Attorneys to represent you.

Case Types We Handle!

Our experience handling personal injury cases grows exponentially every day. There are over forty types of specific injuries that we categorize and handle for our clients (see a listing on our homepage). When we handle your case, however, our unbridled attention may make you feel that it is the only one we are handling. We are very focused on your particular, adverse event and the damages involved that have made your life limited. As your plaintiff attorney, with you as the plaintiff, we can take on the courtroom if earlier negotiations fail. We are well-grounded in our experience with talking to other lawyers, as well as having to speak to a judge or jury should your case go that distance. If a suit is filed, the negligent party will become the defendant at this stage with Silverthorne Attorneys as your plaintiff lawyer.

When you have a Desert Hot Springs personal injury attorney from our firm, you will be happy to know that we have enough familiarity with the area to help you to our utmost ability. If you were injured in a traffic accident, we know the busy roadways of State Route 62, I-10, and some of the city streets such as Palm Drive, Pierson Boulevard, Hacienda Avenue, and Mission Lakes Boulevard. With the city’s intake of tourists and snowbirds, we know these areas can get uncommonly busy, making accident potential much greater than usual. A good bodily injury attorney will also make themselves readily acquainted with local areas that are meant to be enjoyable, but still see a share of reported accidents. Big Morongo Canyon Reserve, Hacienda Palms Shopping Center, Desert Hot Springs Town Center, or even dozens of our streets and thoroughfares can be an unexpected locale where someone’s negligence causes an accident, affecting an innocent victim. If that victim is you, we can be your injury lawyer

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Lastly, contact us today so that you can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Silverthorne Attorneys. A trusted member of our team will answer your questions and recommend the best individual course of action for you at this time. If you cannot make it to our office location, we can make arrangements otherwise. We will even visit you at a hospital, healthcare facility, or a private residence.