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After a traumatic accident that leaves you or your loved ones injured, it is doubtful that you are eager to manage the tough negotiations necessary to get a fair deal. Having a professional personal injury attorney working on your side greatly improves the odds of having all of your costs recovered. This ensures that you will not have to suffer a financial fallout from a wrongful incident caused by another person.

The team at Silverthorne Attorneys have been practicing injury law since 2012. All of our injury attorneys are not only well versed in the basics of personal injury law, but we have years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters.

We understand that this may be a very trying time for you and your family. Not only are you likely struggling to get all the care you need for your injuries, but you may also be missing a great deal of work that brings in critical income for your household while experiencing physical and emotional suffering. Your financial and physical damages deserve compensation, and we take the time to work with you so that we can seek an outcome in which all of your needs are met.

Our caring and devoted staff wants to make sure that your case gets the attention it deserves. Haggling with insurance companies and understanding the tricks they employ to reduce payouts are things that a skilled accident lawyer does effectively all the time, and we are well equipped to handle any challenges that arise during tough cases.

It takes a lot of work to get victims a reasonable financial award when they have been harmed by negligence, but we excel at this process and take pride in the results we achieve for our clients.

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Insurance Adjusters Attack Your Resolve

There are two big tricks insurance adjusters use to encourage you to settle for whatever they offer up front, which will inevitably be a lesser amount than you deserve. If you choose to speak to them directly, then they will often either pester you to death to sign an agreement or avoid you. They will be recording every word you say all the while in case it helps them imply that you are exaggerating your injuries or are deserving of some of the blame for the accident. It is for this reason that the most advisable course is to have all communications with them handled by your La Habra plaintiff attorney.

Both of these methods tend to weaken the resolve of victims who desperately need money to pay their mounting medical bills. These schemes either cause victims to be rushed into a quick agreement or cause them to be denied contact until they are desperate to accept whatever is offered once the adjuster finally gets back to them. It is incredibly important to understand why these adjusters do this, however, because their actions are directly motivated by a desire to save their companies money.

Insurance adjusters are definitely not there to look out for your best interests, so you should never make the mistake of thinking that they will kindly take care of your needs. Instead, you should realize that they take advantage of cases in which individuals try to handle things themselves far more than those in which the wronged client has found an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to prevent unfair treatment.

If you are concerned that an insurance company is trying to take advantage of your case by refusing coverage or offering less than you need, please call us right away to discuss your case during a completely free consultation.

How a Plaintiff Lawyer in La Habra, California, Handles Cases

The first step in the legal process is to gather evidence and prepare official statements from the wronged party and witnesses to the negligent incident. A good bodily injury attorney will make certain that your statement is to the point and thorough in a way that supports your case without any possibility of misinterpretations that could harm your case. Your injury attorney should also be able to contact witnesses and your behalf and record their official statements as well.

Once the supporting documents for your case are ready, a strong accident attorney will open with firm negotiations with the at-fault party’s representatives. While this stage can result in a desirable outcome with a knowledgeable and persistent advocate on your side, we are always prepared to take your case further.

When a fair settlement that covers each and every one of your costs cannot be achieved by direct negotiations, we can escalate your case to formal mediation with a neutral third-party. If the opposing party refuses to any reasonable agreement, then we will continue to support your case and take it all the way to court for a trial with a judge and jury.

For legal representation that does not stop until you get what you deserve for your suffering, please call us now.

Think About Water Hazards Near You

Keeping children safe is of the utmost importance to any caring bodily injury lawyer. Child drowning is one type of fatal event that is often preventable, but it is very easy for even cautious parents to forget certain drowning risks. Please remember that drowning tragedies are at the top of the list of accidental death causes among children under five years of age.

Inside the home, laundry buckets and toilets pose a risk that many forget to notice. Home pools that do not have a complete safety enclosure on all four sides also pose a grave risk. It only takes moments for a young child to drown, and it often happens without much sound to alert nearby adults. That is why it is so critical to keep visual contact with children at all times when they are near pools, lakes, or other bodies of water.

When involved in activities away from your home, remember to consider water hazards that may be in your area. Less obvious considerations include a nearby fountain, large animal watering containers, and ditches that fill with water seasonally.

Some outdoor recreational areas like Vista Grande Park are located very near bodies of water, such as Coyote Creek. Considering what is outside your immediate area and checking that proper safety barriers are in place can help reduce the risk of a child sneaking too far away and encountering a danger. If visiting friends who live near a golf course, like Westridge Golf Club, or other area that may have water features, please make sure that there is no chance of a child wandering into that risky zone.

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