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Facing a Guilty Party Alone Can End Badly

It is quite understandable to not know what to do after you have been injured in a car accident in Lake Elsinore. Knowing how to handle the complexities of the legal system in order to get compensation for damages is not something that is learned overnight. It takes a skilled personal injury attorney years of education and experience to learn how to provide clients with the best odds of receiving a sufficiently high amount of funds to cover their true costs and suffering.

That being said, Silverthorne Attorneys has been able to secure multiple seven-figure settlements for

We always put our best foot forward when we pursue our clients’ cases, and a dedicated plaintiff lawyer should always be aiming for the best possible outcome for your unique needs. Our loyal staff members know that serious injuries can have an extreme impact on your family and your finances, but please know that you can recover the critical funds you need to avoid financial difficulties with the help of a trained Lake Elsinore personal injury attorney.

Although an experienced bodily injury lawyer will always command far more respect from an insurance adjuster, some victims do try to handle claims on their own. Sadly, insurance companies have a primary objective of increasing their profit margin. This means insurance adjusters often do whatever they can to minimize or even deny payouts to those who have been harmed by their insured clients, and they know that they can get away with offering inadequate settlements when there is no plaintiff attorney representing the victim’s best interests.

Do Not Sacrifice Your Financial Future Due to an Injury

If your ability to work and financial future is on the line due to injuries caused by a negligent party, please do not leave your outcome to chance or the mercy of an insurance adjuster. A professional personal injury lawyer from Silverthorne Attorneys can pursue your case without any fees due until a financial award is won for you.

Our Consultations Are Free

Our injury lawyers know that people worry about money after an accident. However, consultations with a California personal injury attorney serving Lake Elsinore are free! You never have to worry about paying anything up-front in order to speak with us. Or even acquire our services. Everyone in our law firm works on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not require monetary payment until we win your case. If we lose your case, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

A Professional Plaintiff Lawyer Knows the Best Options

Only a Lake Elsinore personal injury lawyer who has spent years learning the ins and outs of legal claims knows which methods will work best for a given case. Every case is unique, so we know that we cannot treat every case the same. Trying to follow a single path for all cases will not result in the highest possible award, and your accident attorney should want to help you get the most possible funds for the harm done to you.

We always start a case strongly. Your bodily injury attorney will likely begin by crafting a formal letter of demand outlining your damages and asking that they provide a fair resolution. Since a severe injury case often deserves more than they want to pay, however, we can then push your case forward via mediation, arbitration, or even formal litigation at trial. A highly trained injury lawyer should be able to take whatever steps are needed to ensure a great outcome for you.

There are numerous tricks that insurance company adjusters try to pull on victims of their clients, and it is truly beneficial to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side to help you avoid their traps. You must remember that the goal of any adjuster is to minimize payouts to save the company money. In many cases, they will use recorded conversations with you or your medical history (that they inappropriately pressure you to release to them) to imply that your injury is not severe enough to warrant a substantial amount of compensation or that it was pre-existing. Due to these tactics, it is best to have communications with the insurance company directed straight towards your accident lawyer instead of trying to speak with them yourself.

You Will Not Get The Full Value of Your Case Without a Lawyer

We hate to see victims cheated out of the full award they deserve for their injuries, lost ability to work, reduced physical function, and other suffering. A clever bodily injury lawyer really does result in a better outcome for those who have been harmed, and we strongly believe in pushing for the best possible outcome for each and every client. You should make sure that you have a plaintiff attorney on your side who believes the same.

If you want to speak with a devoted personal injury lawyer about your case and your legal options to help recover from the damage done to you, please contact us right away for a completely free consultation.

Caution When Living Near Water

It is tragic when an injury attorney has had to pursue a case involving children. Drowning deaths and brain injuries can happen in mere moments, so it is incredibly important that adults who live near the water keep a close eye on any children present. Additionally, any seasoned accident attorney will insist that you enforce the use of age-appropriate flotation devices for all children who will be entering the water.

There are many communities and attractions very near Lake Elsinore. Places like Lakepoint Park are areas where every bodily injury attorney knows that children are often present, and the vicinity to the water means that adults should be extra vigilante in watching their children and making sure proper fencing or other safety barriers are in place.

If you live near or visit Lake Elsinore or other bodies of water, please remember to keep an eye on children in your area. Additionally, report any damage in fencing or other protective barriers you see to the proper maintenance organization so that children cannot pass through, under, or around them and get into unsafe areas. An injury lawyer also knows that having and maintaining proper barriers around your own property, pool, and any other hazards will keep children safe, as well as keep you from future legal issues due to someone else coming to harm on your property.

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