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You Never Have to Pay from Your Own Pocket

Many people who have experienced a serious accident have never had to pursue compensation in a difficult case before and do not know how hiring an accident attorney works. The truth is, every good bodily injury lawyer works on a contingency fee basis. This means that your injury attorney will not get paid until your financial award package is won.

This method of payment is highly beneficial to you because it allows you to seek compensation without worrying about fees if your case is not successful. We take on all of the risk, and if your personal injury lawyer cannot secure some form of settlement for you, then you will not have any charges due. Our accident attorney firm can take on all the risk when we pursue a victim’s case because we are highly successful at achieving positive outcomes in the cases we advocate.

If you want to learn more about how you can seek financial compensation from someone who has negligently harmed you or someone you love without having to worry about how to pay up-front fees for a Norco personal injury lawyer to represent you, please contact us right away.

Unable to Travel? No Need to Worry.

If your injuries have badly affected your ability to travel, that does not mean that you have to go without a seasoned plaintiff attorney in Norco. When you need our help but cannot manage a trip to our office, we can have a caring member of our staff come straight to you. We believe that any compassionate bodily injury lawyer should be willing to go the extra mile for clients, and we do literally travel when victims of negligence need us.

To learn more about how you can have an injury attorney visit you in your time of need after a serious injury, please call us now. Your free consultation will give you the opportunity to speak directly with a plaintiff lawyer about your unique circumstances and legal options.

“What Counts as Evidence in a Negligence Case?”

Unfortunately, due to the fact that there are so many types of legal processes that a bodily injury attorney may choose to undertake while seeking the best outcome for the victim, there is no simple answer to this question. The legal field is very complex, and the differences between cases means that it takes a skilled accident lawyer to navigate towards the best option for a particular case.

Although we advise that you always seek an experienced Norco personal injury attorney to guide you, there are a few items that tend to work well as evidence in many cases. These include official police reports, witness statements, photographic and video evidence, doctors’ notes, medical imaging and other lab results, and third-party assessments of the damages incurred. A diligent plaintiff lawyer will also potentially look for evidence of a history of recklessness or poor safety record on behalf of the at-fault party.

How Silverthorne Attorneys Pursues Your Personal Injury Claim in Norco, California

The way a trained personal injury attorney pursues a case will vary a lot depending on the severity of injuries suffered, level of negligence and malicious intent shown by the at-fault party, and on whether the case is against an individual insurance plan or that of a business or other organization. The specific circumstances of your case should influence how your injury lawyer proceeds. Any great plaintiff attorney will look at the specific details of your case and consider your immediate and long-term needs when deciding how to pursue a satisfactory amount of compensation for you, as well as for any family members who depend on your ability to work and contribute to household finances.

Whenever you have been harmed and need help understanding how to seek the funds that are critical to your recovery and financial stability, please call us immediately. We offer free consultations that give you the opportunity to speak directly with a personal injury lawyer who believes in giving clients the individual care they deserve.

Motor Vehicles and Children Warning

Any compassionate bodily injury attorney wants to make sure that children are kept as safe as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that children are safe from motor vehicles. Accidents involving automobiles inflict a large number of serious injuries and death, but using proper safety restraints and carefully watching for pedestrians can help reduce child and pedestrian tragedies.

It is critical that children use the appropriate safety restraints for their size when traveling in a motor vehicle. A clever injury lawyer knows that this may mean that a child needs a car seat, booster seat, or regular seatbelt, but you must ensure that your children will be restrained in case of a crash. Allowing children to move freely around while driving can result in horrible tragedies, even in slower city traffic, so any personal injury attorney will tell you to keep your children in the proper restraints whenever a vehicle is in motion.

As a driver, you must also be wary about children and other pedestrians suddenly entering the roadway. Children are most likely to be in the neighborhoods around destinations like schools, such as Sierra Vista Elementary School and Riverview Elementary School in Norco. While there may be safety zones on the main road near schools, you must also use caution in the surrounding residential areas. This is also true of recreation destinations like Pikes Peak Park. If in doubt about the presence of children or when experiencing limited visibility conditions, a caring accident lawyer will recommend that you err on the side of caution and drive slowly and cautiously.

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