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Why Try to Go It Alone?

There is no reason to try to deal with the complexities of a legal case on your own while suffering from serious injuries. A trained Perris personal injury attorney will not only vastly increase your odds of achieving a maximum amount of compensation, but it will allow you to relax and focus on your recovery. Dealing with tricky insurance adjusters really is a hassle, and people not as familiar with the process as a plaintiff lawyer may say something that can harm their cases, especially since they are likely injured and emotionally overwhelmed from their traumatic experiences.

We guarantee that we only work with advocates who care about clients. Not every client will have the same priorities, but we want to make sure that we get the best possible settlement for your needs considering your individual circumstances. Any devoted bodily injury attorney should put your needs at the top of their list. At Silverthorne Attorneys, you will always be in touch with your injury lawyer and know that we are doing everything we can for you.

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A World without Insurance Adjusters Tactics

Trying to get fair payments for victims would be much easier if it were not for insurance adjusters placing their companies’ profits above the needs of those who have been harmed. Unfortunately, every plaintiff attorney knows that an insurance adjuster’s primary goal is to minimize or even reject settlements when claims are brought against insured clients.

One of the most misunderstood issues facing victims who try to make claims alone is that their words are being carefully scrutinized for anything that can be used against their cases. Any Perris personal injury lawyer can tell you that your conversations with insurance representatives will most likely be recorded. Unlike in other industries, they will not be taking this action to improve service but to potentially use your words against you later.

Even polite expressions about starting to feel better or how much you regret the accident can be used to imply that you are exaggerating the severity of your injuries or that you deserve some of the responsibility and blame for the incident. These sorts of pitfalls make having an accident attorney in Perris particularly important. Quite simply, there is no safer way to handle calls with adjusters than to have them routed through your bodily injury lawyer. Only a professional has the years of experience it takes to know exactly which details are necessary to advance your case while not giving anything extra that could be misinterpreted.

When you need a smart injury attorney to manage your case wisely while you treat your injuries, please contact us right away. We offer completely free consultations that will give you the opportunity to speak with a personal injury lawyer about the details of your trauma.

“What All Can I Receive Compensation For?”

A seasoned accident attorney knows that there are many damages that can be done during an accident. Besides the obvious physical injuries, such as broken bones or dislocated joints, there can often be hidden complications that take time to manifest. Blood clots, concussions, whiplash, and other such ailments may not be spotted at first, but they can cost a great deal to treat and result in a lot of suffering once they are discovered. A good bodily injury lawyer should account for long-term health concerns and treatment, as well as your immediate emergency medical needs.

The amount of financial award that a plaintiff attorney can win for a victim very much depends on the individual circumstances. However, if your injuries were severe, then it is possible that you may be eligible to seek compensation for mental and emotional suffering. A personal injury lawyer may also be able to win funds for the suffering of family members who had to witness your accident and experience the emotional damage caused from witnessing a loved one in pain and distress. Additionally, if the actions of the at-fault party were particularly malicious or reckless with regard to public safety, then there may be other legal options for your injury attorney to pursue.

To learn more from a plaintiff lawyer who puts the needs of clients first, please call us anytime. Your free consultation will answer any questions you may have.

Parks Come with Pedestrians

Any responsible bodily injury attorney wants drivers to watch out for pedestrian safety. One of the most important rules is to not expect pedestrians to act rationally. Particularly with children and young adults, you must be ready to avoid a collision in case they enter the road unexpectedly. The more crowded the area, the more careful every injury lawyer will advise you to be.

One suggestion from a personal injury attorney is to keep in mind what attractions are near you. If you are near a school, shopping outlet, or family-friendly attraction, then you should watch very carefully for children. Children are harder to see since they are smaller, so keeping the areas where children are most prone to be in mind is important. Children are also very likely to be found near parks, such as Metz Park and Bob Long Park.

Adult pedestrians that are most likely to enter the road unsafely are those coming from clubs, bars, and sporting arenas and parks, like Skydive Baseball Park in Perris. Alcohol often plays a role when adult pedestrians suddenly run into the road, but an experienced accident lawyer knows that the responsibility of not hitting them still falls on the driver. Therefore, you must be careful whenever you notice pedestrians at intersections or along the road.

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