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How Silverthorne Attorneys Can Help Clients in Fontana

Silverthorne Attorneys can provide a wide range of services for individuals who live in Fontana. And our law firm’s injury lawyers regularly represent clients who have been involved in car accidents, food poisoning and those who were injured by a fall. Moreover, our injury lawyers serving Fontana can help victims who were harmed by defective products, and our personal injury attorneys may evaluate faults in the manufacturing process, flimsy materials or inadequate instructions.

Around Fontana

Situated in San Bernardino County’s southwestern section, Fontana contains more than 210,000 residents, and between 2000 and 2014, the city’s population increased by approximately 4.5 percent. Fontana is the second most populated city in San Bernardino County and has a population density of 4,800 individuals per square mile.

The city is near a large number of well-known destinations, such as the San Manuel Amphitheater, Silverwood Lake, Big Bear Discovery Center, and Planes of Fame Air Museum. Residents commonly visit San Bernardino National Forest, which is situated to the north of city and has an area of more than 677,000 acres. The forest contains a large number of trails, 11 free campsites, numerous mountains and eight official wilderness areas.

Although Fontana is close to several regions that have a desert climate, the city features a Mediterranean climate. Fontana’s temperatures are moderated by the Pacific Ocean, yet during the summer months, the city’s residents frequently experience temperatures that exceed 95 degrees.

Traffic Accidents

While evaluating reports that describe a collision, an attorney serving Fontana may determine the speed of each automobile, the condition of the road and the angle of each car. In some cases, Fontana personal injury lawyers can request statements from other drivers who saw the accident. Moreover, an injury attorney in San Bernardino County could obtain an operator’s phone records if the driver was sending text messages during the accident.

When a person is involved in a collision, the driver can write potentially important details on a notepad. Many injury attorneys have also indicated that an operator should take a large number of photographs. A San Bernardino County injury lawyer will thoroughly evaluate all pictures and provide descriptions of clues during each hearing.

Injury attorneys in Fontana will calculate the cost of the client’s medical care. Additionally, personal injury lawyers can determine the duration of the individual’s physical therapy program, and the bodily injury lawyer could calculate income that the client may have lost due to the accident.

Dog Bite Related Injuries

After a person is bitten by a canine, a personal injury lawyer will evaluate any actions that could have encouraged the dog to harm the victim. Silverthorne Attorneys may also determine whether or not the canine had bitten other individuals in the past, and experienced lawyers may obtain statements from witnesses who understood the dog’s temperament.

If the wound becomes infected, a bodily injury attorney can present a description of the victim’s infection during the trial. Subsequently, the client may receive reimbursement for the costs of necessary medications and detailed tests.

Defective Products

If a client was harmed by a product, a Fontana injury attorney may evaluate warnings that the manufacturer provided, ensure that the item was made of sturdy materials and analyze injuries that have been caused by similar products. In some cases, bodily injury lawyers could also request testimonies from individuals who have sold the harmful products. If customers previously created reviews indicating that the item may have been dangerous, personal injury attorneys will be able to provide a list of these reports during the trial.

Food Poisoning

Every year, more than 3 million people in the United States suffer from food poisoning, and approximately 70 percent of these victims are harmed by a restaurant’s food. However, numerous studies have shown that less than 2 percent of individuals who experience food poisoning will request compensation.

If a foodborne illness affects a client, personal injury attorneys can obtain a list of dishes that the victim ordered and evaluate the likelihood that certain foods contain harmful bacteria. Sometimes, injury lawyers may receive reports from other patrons who were negatively affected by the potentially toxic food.

When a bodily injury lawyer obtains a sample of the dish, the plaintiff attorney may be able to determine whether or not the food was undercooked. By evaluating the recipe and the restaurant’s instructions, plaintiff lawyers can sometimes find mistakes that could augment the risk of food poisoning.

Slips and Falls

Numerous factors can cause a person to unexpectedly fall, and some of these include wet floors, objects that have fallen in a hallway, cracks in cement, steps that are uneven or wires that are on the ground. Additionally, faulty ladders commonly precipitate falls that may be initially blamed on the client. According to one analysis, less than 10 percent of construction companies thoroughly inspect their ladders at least once per month.

If an individual falls, our injury attorneys may examine pictures of the property and analyze actions that could have caused the fall. An injury lawyer can also determine whether or not the property’s owner was aware of the risk.

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