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Silverthorne Attorneys is a personal injury law firm in Orange County whose top priority and singular focus is the people we represent. We work diligently to make sure that our clients are well taken care of and that their needs are not only met, but come first. Injured now? Do not hesitate to reach out to Silverthorne Attorneys for a free consultation.

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Unfortunately, there has been an accident of some sort, major or minor, and you have been harmed and suffered personal injuries. The only cause may be due to the carelessness and negligence of another party. It is time to contact a personal injury lawyer. The firm of Silverthorne Attorneys has recently entered the community of Highland to represent accident victims, fighting for the just rights and fair compensation you ultimately deserve. Contact us today and schedule a free, private conference with one of our experienced and dedicated counsel members. The first evaluation of your adversity is free of charge. You will immediately observe how we focus on personal injury cases with compassionate expertise in an effort to allow you to regain normalcy in your daily life. Sadly, our firm is all too familiar with what a blameless accident can do to our prospective clients. The effects range from the financial nightmare, your debilitating, long term injuries and suffering, the strains on a family’s bonds and relationships, and especially the physical and emotional drain on an innocent individual. Throughout all of these experiences, you will have countless questions-let a Highland personal injury attorney provide answers as soon as you can contact us.

Answers to the Process That We Will Use For You

The experienced, legal team here of lawyers and paralegals, experts and investigators plus our dedicated staff are very supportive of each other so we can collectively be supportive of you. We are all aware that you, as an injured victim, will have countless questions regarding your circumstances. We are qualified and ready to answer every single one, no matter how many you or your family may have about your case.

In almost every claim, once we have established our counsel/client arrangement, we will represent you in every facet concerning your cause. As your injury lawyer, we will begin communication with the irresponsible party, their defense team, and most importantly, their insurance company. This is where very important negotiations begin as we keep your delicate situation in mind while assessing your bargaining power. On some occasions, especially where victims try to handle their case on their own, an insurance company will offer an Adhesion Contract, essentially a “take it or leave it” offer to you. We can negotiate this beyond their one time stance, and achieve a higher compensatory amount for you. Usually, we counter with a demand letter once you are to the point where your injuries are healed to the best degree possible. The demand letter requests a certain monetary amount, based on your specific accident, the particular injuries and damages, and especially your legal rights as a faultless victim.

Should the negotiations come up empty and fail, we are ready to go through the proper channels and begin the process of filing a civil lawsuit on your behalf. Silverthorne Attorneys takes care of all the filings, fees, communication, and elements leading up to the court process. You definitely need a bodily injury attorney at this point as it can become a very complex point in the development of events. We will perform as the plaintiff lawyer in your suit, following through with professionally tenacity while we deal with the negligent party that caused your suffering. Feel safe and protected that you can continue to concentrate on your recover while we handle the litigation. Contact us today to talk about getting a plaintiff attorney from Silverthorne Attorneys- the talk is free.

We Handle Each & Every Type of Personal Injury

Regardless of the nature of your injury or injuries, our experienced legal team has seen over forty different types here in southern California. Your experience could have you seeking compensation for personal injuries such as fractures & broken bones, concussions & brain injuries, burns, or internal injuries. Many of these painful, traumatic occurrences can stem from slip & fall mishaps, poisonings, recreational accidents, work place and premises liability, or even a wrongful death case.

A lot of our claims from clients involve a traffic related injury. Here in Highland, many suits result from accidents on or near I-10, the Foothill Freeway, and State Route 330. There is also a high amount of reported crashes in the vicinity of other roadways such as Del Rosa Avenue, Baseline Street, Greenspot Road, and Highland Avenue. If you have experienced any kind of car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle accident near any of these areas that produced your injuries caused by a negligent party, you need a personal injury attorney immediately. Perhaps you were hurt in a non-traffic accident such as a dog-bite near Fiesta Hill Park, Aurantia Park, or Highland Community Park. Occasionally, there are pedestrian accidents or equipment malfunction problems in locales such as Highland Village Plaza Shopping Center, or even San Bernardino Gardens. Again, any experience you have had in Highland that has caused personal harm and injuries, you need to contact us for free so we can discuss the details with you and establish a goal of restitution and recovery.

There is Absolutely No Need To Be Ashamed

Finally we all are quite aware that you have been through enough physically, emotionally, and financially. Now is the time to get the legal help you need, and hire a Highland personal injury attorney. Please be assured the Silverthorne Attorneys maintains a caring, professional demeanor with each and every client throughout the settlement and litigation process from the first moment of contact. Recovering from your injuries should be your primary focus. The main job of your bodily injury lawyer is to get the results of fair compensation and recover damages. Gather all of your papers, notes, and items of injury evidence and schedule a no-cost evaluation as soon as possible.

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