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Silverthorne Attorneys is a personal injury law firm in Orange County whose top priority and singular focus is the people we represent. We work diligently to make sure that our clients are well taken care of and that their needs are not only met, but come first. Injured now? Do not hesitate to reach out to Silverthorne Attorneys for a free consultation.

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Unfortunately, accidents happen. Here in Stanton, there are several types of personal injury accidents, both minor and major, occurring on a daily basis. Most of these accidents take place mainly due to the negligence and carelessness of a guilty party. In turn, that means that there is a faultless victim. If that faultless victim is you, a family member, a friend, or a loved one, you should reach out to Silverthorne Attorneys as soon as possible. We offer a strong team of experienced leaders, attorneys, investigators, staff, and paralegals standing by to help you get the recovery and recuperation that you deserve. If a financial settlement is possible, your Stanton personal injury attorney will work for the maximum amount. Plus, the initial consultation is free.

Now is the Time to Begin the Legal Process

If you, or someone close to you has been involved in one of the numerous personal injury accidents that Silverthorne Attorneys deals with, it is time to weigh your legal options. This would include a situation that has caused any physical injury due to the negligence of another party. There are other factors we normally address in each individual case as well. Aside from the physical injuries, there will be financial issues, psychological and emotional matters, and strains on your life that you would maybe never expect. As with most negligence cases, there is an allotted amount of time (statute of limitations) following the incident in which you can file a claim, so be sure to attain the help of a bodily injury lawyer as soon as you can. Contact us today

Additionally, if you are immobilized at home or hospitalized at West Anaheim Medical Center, we can arrange a ride for you to visit us. Or, if needed, a personal injury attorney from Silverthorne Attorneys will travel to you. After your first appointment, should we take your case, we will begin analyzing your accident, investigating the details, and setting up a legal strategy. To help us do our job, please get all of the pertinent paperwork together for the first, no-cost consultation. Timing is critical, so the sooner we are contacted as your potential Stanton injury lawyer, the sooner you will attain the results that you deserve.

We Deal With Many Types of Accidents Daily

Negligence is termed as an action, or actions, that falls below the expected standards of behavior resulting in damages. Also, injury negligence can be when a person, company, or organized group fails to act the proper way that a reasonable person might act under similar circumstances. Examples may be a careless vehicle driver, a dog bite from a leashed dog, or a wet floor in a supermarket causing your injuries. It could even be a branch of local government being irresponsible with the care of sidewalks or a public area like Stanton Central Park.

Many injury cases come from vehicular accidents, as Southern California has more than its share of drivers, automobile, and roadways. There are police reports of injury accidents constantly mentioning Garden Grove Freeway, I-605, I-5, and the Artesia Freeway. Statistically, Stanton has 44 miles of city streets and 19 signalized intersections, all likely areas of potential accidents cased by the negligence of others. Of course, there is the unfortunate results of an injured, blameless victim the majority of the time. If that is you, contact us so we can help>

Silverthorne Attorneys Has the Experience for the Process

Everyone has a civic responsibility to exercise cautious and reasonable care to ensure the physical safety of others. Furthermore, it is the duty of the law and court system to enforce that right. However, if you injure yourself entirely because of your own negligence, a bodily injury attorney cannot help you. But if you have been injured in an accident where it is another person’s fault and you are not sure where to turn, contact a personal injury lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys to discuss the accident and your injuries. From there, we can begin negotiations in your favor while you try to get things back to normal as possible. If there is an insurance company involved, which there usually is, the hiring of an injury attorney will show them you are serious in the matter. Please speak with us before making any other decisions or accepting a settlement

Successful Recovery for You Lies in Two Areas

As you gradually heal from your injuries, we go to work for you to get the results. As your arranged counsel, we may send a “demand letter” to an involved insurance company to avoid any court proceedings. The letter is based on your accident, your injuries, financial recovery for lost wages, and medical bills. It is based on your legal rights. The monetary amount also includes the contingency payment we are paid as your representation. You do not have to retain Silverthorne Attorneys upfront-we only get paid if you get a deserved settlement.

The other major area of success is a victory in a trial. We will file the documents and pay the fees. You then become the “plaintiff” versus the “defendant,” the party that caused the accident. We become your plaintiff lawyer, and begin preparing your case for a judge or jury trial. To avoid the trial, many defense attorneys and insurance companies will try to steer your case towards Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This is where your plaintiff attorney engages in mediation talks, arbitration, and settlement conferences with the defense team. Ultimately, a trial may happen. Whether negotiations or a trial conclude a settlement, the experience and compassion of Silverthorne Attorneys can persevere as we work for you to achieve a satisfactory resolution. Please contact us today and we will get things started.

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