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Villa Park Personal Injury Lawyer – Is Arbitration Right for Me?”

Every case being unique. So it is best to seek advice from a professional Villa Park personal injury attorney before deciding upon legal action. Trying to handle this process alone means that you will have to face the guilty party’s insurance adjuster. And, likely, the insurance’s own lawyer all by yourself. They handle these types of claims all the time. Meaning, they know how to deflect the blame from their insured client to you. It takes an experienced attorney who understands the techniques they employ to give your case its best chance of success.

That being said, the process of arbitration is generally sought as a binding resolution method. They do this in cases where an accident lawyer feels that it is to a client’s benefit. Both parties must agree to bring in a third-party arbitrator and decide whether the results will be binding or non-binding. If a personal injury attorney proceeds with a binding arbitration, then the decision made by the arbitrator will be final. Meaning, no further legal action will be taken by either side.

This process works well in cases when a skilled injury lawyer believes it is a wise choice. However, it can be disastrous in others. The standards of evidence are less strict than in a full court case. We will present the arbitrator with more details than a judge and jury may be able to access. However, it can result in your own statements to the guilty party or insurance adjuster being used against you. Insurance representatives usually record your calls. Remember to not take responsibility for the accident. Especially if it was not your fault. They will use your words against you.

Hiring a Villa Park Personal Injury Attorney

A devoted Villa Park personal injury lawyer working on your behalf is the best person to advise you on whether arbitration, mediation, or other legal procedures will be best. Additionally, once you have found a plaintiff attorney you trust, the safest course of action is to have all communication with the adjuster go through your bodily injury lawyer. This ensures that the adjuster never gets a chance to record anything that could be used against you later. Even normal statements of regret or a polite mention of starting to feel slightly better could harm your case.

To discuss the specifics of your case and how an injury attorney can help, please call us for a free consultation.

We Push Even Tough Cases to the Finish Line

Insurance companies tend to put up a huge fight when you need compensation for serious injuries that have affected your life and earning capability. We believe that every personal injury lawyer should advocate for the best interests of the person suffering. Your plaintiff attorney in Villa Park will always push for what is right and fair.

No victim should be left unable to cover the costs of an expensive injury, but, without a strong bodily injury lawyer to fight for your rights, insurance companies will take every opportunity to minimize the payouts they must make. The adjusters they employ are paid to keep settlements low and assign the highest possible percentage of responsibility on the injured party.

If you feel like the opposing party is going to do anything possible to deny you a fair outcome, please contact us right away. You can speak with a seasoned accident attorney about your options immediately during your free consultation.

Are You Afraid of Legal Costs?

You should never have to worry about legal costs getting in the way of seeking a just resolution to your case. That is why every considerate personal injury lawyer should work on a contingency fee basis. We work this way to ensure that our clients do not have to bear the burden of paying fees out-of-pocket.

Your injury attorney in Villa Park will only seek payment out of the funds that are secured on your behalf. If we cannot obtain compensation for you, then you will not pay us anything.

To seek a bodily injury attorney without taking on any financial risk of your own, please call us to learn more.

Safety Beyond School Zones

Accidents involving vehicles and the accidental harm and death of children are horrible tragedies. A compassionate injury lawyer wants to make sure you remember to watch for all pedestrians while driving, particularly smaller children. Although you should always keep your attention on the road, you should be careful when in areas where children are likely to be present.

We advise taking extra caution in parking lots, parks, and other outdoor recreational destinations. Furthermore the neighborhoods and streets within a wide area from local schools, such as Serrano Elementary School and Cerro Villa Middle School on Serrano Avenue should be monitored as well.

Although it is often only the roads directly bordering schools that have markings indicating a school zone, many children walk to and from school from areas beyond those that are marked. Therefore, being particularly alert when driving is crucial in these areas to keep kids safe.

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